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Recruitment Process

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Friends of RoL - Friends and Family of current members who do not wish to raid may be invited without application and placed in the friend rank. The sponsoring member's name must be included in the officer's note. Friends are at liberty to play the game whenever they like and however they wish. The only expectation is that they will not act in such a way as to tarnish the reputation of the guild. NOTE: Members at the Friend and Emeritus ranks who wish to be considered for a raiding spot MUST fill out an application and go through the recruitment process just like any other member

Raiding Members - Joining the raiding ranks is a straightforward process.

    1) Understand what you are signing up for. Be sure to read our mission statement and raiding expectations. Be prepared to make a commitment towards our schedule and efforts. Individuals who are not on board with our attitude and vision or are unable to meet our raiding requirements will only be wasting their time by applying.

    2) Fill out an application. The appropriate Raid Lead will review your application and contact you for any additional inquiries or details. The Raid Lead may at their discretion invite you to the guild at the initiate rank. Raid spots are subject to availability.

    3) You must determine which scheduled raid nights you are willing and able to commit to and negotiate a time commitment with your Raid Officer. We do not have an exact attendance requirement, and would rather you just show up "as much as possible". We are more concerned that you follow through on whatever commitment you make than we are with your attendance percentage.

    4) You will be expected to fulfill your raiding commitment and fulfill the expectations for raiding members outlined above. Your performance will be evaluated over the next several weeks until the responsible Raid Lead sees fit to either a) promote you to a raiding rank or b) reject your application.

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