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Raid Rules, Expectations, Dos, and Don'ts

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    1) Puncutality. We run a very limited raid schedule and as a result, every minute counts. You are expected to show up on time. You are also expected to remain until the scheduled stop time each night, though we will not hold it against you if we run late and you have to leave. We would ask you make every effort to communicate any of these situations to raid leaders as soon as possible.

    2) Dependability. All Raiders are required to negotiate a time commitment with their Raid Lead before they are promoted to the raid rank. You will be expected to fulfill these commitments by showing up when you say you will, by informing the leadership in the event of an unavoidable absence, and by working with your Raid Officer to negotiate a new time commitment should the old one become impossible to meet. This is necessary to determine recruitment needs to prevent both a lack of and a large overabundance of raiding members each night. We are more concerned that you show up when you say you will than we are with your mathematical attendance percentage

    3) Preparedness. You are expected to be self motivated in regards to improving your characters and preparing yourself for raids. You are expected to arrive at the instance with optimal gear, spec, gems, enchants, inscriptions, food buffs (never assume there will be feasts available!) and consumables to last you the duration of the raid. You are expected to do your homework to determine just what exactly the optimal gear, spec, gems, enchants, inscriptions, and food buffs are. You are expected to research boss fights in advance so you have a general idea of what to expect in a new encounter. The guild leadership has plenty to do and cannot hold the hand of every member. We are happy to point you in the direction of useful information if needed but WE WILL NOT DO YOUR HOMEWORK FOR YOU.


    Invites begin at 6:30PM CST (server time) in preparation for a first pull at 7 PM. Officers do not hand out invites, rather, interested players may have themselves auto-invited by whispering a trigger word to one of the officers. The details on this system will be posted in the guild MOTD prior to each raid.

    Before the first pull, guild officers will identify oversubscribed classes and raid roles and may ask groups of people to /roll for their raid spot. Low rolls will sit out. Raiding ranks obviously will have priority for spots over friends & emeritus. Officers reserve the right to exempt members from sitting as needed in order to preserve class balance and ensure a successful raid.

    After the 25 man group has been finalized, anyone sitting out may request to be put on the sit list. Members on the sit list will be the first names called should a spot become available during the raid.

    In order to be on the sit list you must do the following:
    1) Remain on vent and in the channel with the rest of the raid
    2) Be ready at a moment's notice (don't go running 5 mans, etc...)

    You CAN play on an alt, do daily quests, work on solo achievements, etc. while on sit.


    Trash is usually easy, bosses are generally hard. As a general rule, feel free to have fun during trash pulls but please keep vent clear for important communication during boss fights.


    Since we raid for such a short period of time each night, we generally don't take a scheduled bio break. If you need to use the restroom, please do so during trash or downtime after a wipe and be sure to let an officer know you're afk.

    If you will be AFK for more than a minute or two, please leave your character outside the instance in case we have to bring someone in to fill your spot.

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