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Mission Statement

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    "Greatness is not a function of circumstance. Greatness, it turns out, is largely a matter of conscious choice, and discipline." -Jim Collins

Raiders of Light, first and foremost, is a raiding guild (It's in the title!). We are not hardcore in the sense that we expect our members to raid 24/7. Quite the contrary, we aim to provide our members with an extraordinary amount of free time for them to devote to their social lives and responsibilities in real life.

Our ability to allow such vast amounts of free time is entirely dependant on our member's willingness and dedication to make the most of the time we DO spend in raids. While we do not operate with the intent of being the first or the best on our server, we DO strive for a satisfying rate of progression through new content. Therefore, we hold very high expectations for attendance, punctuality, and performance from all our raiding members. Joining the raiding ranks of RoL is a COMMITMENT. In a nutshell, RoL merges a hardcore attitude with a very light raid schedule.

By expecting more from our members, we aim to eliminate the frustrations commonly inherent with typical "casual raiding" guilds. By doing so, we hope to provide an experience which is more fun and enjoyable in the long run.

We do realize that at times real life will make it impossible to adhere to any sort of schedule. We realize that people get burned out and sometimes need to take a break or walk away from raiding entirely. We realize that everyone has friends and family who they wish to play the game with as well. For this reason, we are happy to provide social ranks within the guild which impose no requirements or expectations on the player.


Raiding with RoL is on a completely voluntary basis. By volunteering for a spot on our raid roster, you assert that you understand and are eager to live up to the expectations set forth for you. Raiders of Light will not beg and plead with players who fail to hit the mark, nor will we implement artificial rewards to encourage participation. We will not allow individuals who fail to live up to the expectations to remain as a weight on the backs of those who wish to forge ahead. The reward for your commitment is simple: you will be included in a group of individuals who put forth the same time and dedication as you.


Raiders of Light does not impose any sort of artificial metric by which we judge the performance of our raiding members. We feel that holding players up to some sort of arbitrary yardstick influences players to only become "good enough" to meet the requirements. We would much rather see you continually strive to be "as good as possible". Raid officers WILL make RELATIVE comparisons of WWS and attendance. In this way, it will be apparent to the leadership which members are pulling their weight and which members are dropping the ball.

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